Boutique – We’ve created a self-imposed limit on how many Dual Oct builds we take on each year. Free feasibility – Before you spend any money, we’ll conduct a free feasibility report on your block of land to determine whether or not it’s a good candidate for a Dual Oct development. We believe that too many people are missing out on the biggest opportunity of their lives for fear of the ‘what ifs’, so we’ve made it our business to make the decision of dual occupancy a no braider. Demolition of your existing home Alternative accommodation for the duration of your build Potential vegetation overlays and requirements to protect significant trees peering requirements due to old foundations’ Replacement of old fences and demolition of front fencing for construction In some cases, the removal of asbestos Protection of neighbouring properties by way of scaffolding and mesh Overhead power conversion to underground power Traffic management for delivery of materials to your site costs that are estimates only until your house demolition is complete and a final site survey and soil test is completed The first step in assessing your property’s suitability for a knock down and rebuild is to have your Porter Davis consultant visit your block and conduct a site assessment. Both are ideal ways in which to maximise the potential of your house and create a potential new source of income. Dual occupancy offers a great opportunity for you to revamp your current home while also creating a second dwelling as a potential source of income. If you’re knocking down your existing residence to build a dual occupancy development, there are a few extra issues that will need consideration before or during the process. Wouldn’t you prefer to be meeting with a design manager rather than a sales consultant! Have you explored the 64  World of Style  options created by the no data Porter Davis Interior Design team?

Choosing Straightforward Strategies In Dual Occupancy Homes

Dual occupancy offers a great opportunity for you to revamp your current home while as well creating a second dwelling as a potential source of income. Up until now, the rules, regulations, and processes involved with dual occupancy were all on you. We do all this to ensure your investing experience is not only a profitable one, but enjoyable also. 7 great reasons to invest in dual income properties. For over 50 years Glenvill have been developing residential projects and we bring this experience and “know how” to the table for your next project. You may not realise it, but the block of land your house sits on could be a nest egg in the making. Demolition, site start & build At the appropriate time, Porter Davis will give the green light for demolition to commence, after which a final site survey and soil test will be conducted and your site cost finalised. How about adding a new house to your backyard? Budget – How much can you afford to spend on developing your block?